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The Rules for Pigskinfever

Welcome to Pigskinfever.com, a recreational site built with you in mind. If you ever have any problems please be sure and contact Jim.

The rules are fairly simple, make your picks each week by game time, if you place in the top two or three spots you receive some units. The wins from each week are added to your previous weeks wins and at the end of the football season the top spots(TBD) receive units along with the person in last place. Amounts of the weekly and final units payout along with the number of places paid out will be determined after registration is closed.

Picks are made with the spreads. Spreads each week are finalized at noon on Wednesday. For instance if the game is San Francisco 3.5 NY GIANTS means that the NY GIANTS are at home due to their team name in all CAPITAL letters, The NY GIANTS are also getting 3.5 points. The team on the right will always be the underdog. All spreads are with .5 as to alleviate games from being tied. A COMBINED score of both teams for Monday Night Football (Primetime game) will be used for any tiebreaking situations.

Tie Breaking Situation: The closest person without going over the combined score will be the winner. If users with most wins are all over then the winner is determined by whomever is closest to the Monday Night combined score. If there is a tie then the prizes are added together and split evenly by the number of tied winners.

Monday Night points are not used for End of Season winners. If there is a tie then the prizes are added together and split evenly by the number of tied winners.

You must pick your Default picks. You can change this as often as you like BEFORE THE PICKS ARE SENT OUT ON WEDNESDAY OF EACH WEEK. If you don't enter any picks for any particular week you already have your default picks set AND you are INELIGIBLE from winning any units that week but your wins/losses still count towards the end of season prizes. This will ensure that everyone makes their picks and the pool is fair for all.

The cost of the pool is 110 units for the year (includes 10 units for the playoff pool). 18 weeks of 5 units and then an extra 10 units for maintaining the site and running of the pool. All units are due by the first week of the season (09/07/2023). If the units are not recieved or you have not contacted me and made arrangements you will not be included in the pool.

I would like to receive the units via paypal (USE the radio button -- I'm sending money to family or friends AND choose -- use your PayPal balance and/or a bank account, No Credit Cards will be accepted). If you can use paypal, the paypal account is Commish@pigskinfever.com. If you can't use paypal send the units to my physical address. You will find the address in the site once you have registered and logged in. Units must be received by 09/07/2023. If you have a special case feel free to give me a call or email. The weekly and cumulative units will be finalized and unit amounts posted as soon as I have a final head count of people in the pool.

I hope you enjoy the pool, a lot of hard work has gone into it and it is still an ongoing project. If you have any wish list items or find any bugs please let me know. Your input is greatly appreciated.